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プログラムは、ベテランの会員によるSpeech Practice” “Members’Mailbox”


“Members’ Mailbox” は、次の2通の手紙に、メンバー全員が返事を書く、というものでした。それぞれ個性的な返事が送られ、最後に全員で Discussion。楽しめるプログラムでした。8月1ヶ月のブランクの後の英語がとても新鮮で、今期もいよいよ始まった!という思いです。

10月例会は第3土曜、10月19日です。プログラムは “Biblio Battle: Books” です。さて、どんな本が紹介されるでしょうか、楽しみです。お薦め例会でもあります。多くのゲストをお待ちしております。


(Letter 1)

Dear Aunt Bessie,


I am 17 years old and will graduate next year. My girlfriend and I have been studying to enter Medical School when we graduate from high school. What do you think we should do after we graduate from medical school? Since you have been practicing ophthalmology, do you think it is a good medical field for a woman?

   My mother thinks that Obstetrics and Gynecology is a good field as patients are women. What do you think?

     What about surgery--- orthopedics, neurosurgery or general surgery?

We would like to have a family, too. How can we manage to have a husband and family? What if he is a doctor, too?  What if he is a salary man?




Letter 2

Dear Annie,


My grandmother died the day before I was scheduled for an important job interview. I’d received notice two weeks prior, and it said there would be no rescheduling of the interview for any reason whatsoever. If failed to show up, I would be barred from being hired for another year.

I was desperate for work, and when my father called to tell me my grandmother died, I told him I was sorry, but there was no way I could make it to the funeral in the morning. My parents and my relatives have been angry with me. I understand this, but work is scarce in my area, and I couldn’t afford to miss this opportunity.

   Frankly, if I were unemployed, I doubt my parents would give me any money.

Besides, who wants to have to ask their parents for stuff when they’re 35 years old? I told my parents that my grandmother would rather I secure a job than attend her funeral.

Was I right to skip the funeral in favor of a job interview?



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