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ITC -Jの組織カウンスル No. 1 に所属している11クラブの中で唯一の英語クラブです。教育の目的の1つに「上手な話し方、聴き方を通じての伝達技術の訓練」がありますが、英語という言語を使ってこの訓練を行っております。月一回の例会の中で、興味深くかつ楽しめるプログラムを用意しています。ゲストとして参加できるプログラムもございますので、楽しんでいただけると思います。





President’s Greetings:

    Welcome to our HP.  Chikusa Club belongs to Council No.1 under ITC Japan Region and is the only English Club among the 11 clubs of Council No.1.  One of the 4 purposes of ITC is “to train communication skills through  speaking and listening properly.”  We perform this training with the language of English as a tool. In the Regular Meeting  we have once a month we prepare very interesting and enjoyable programs.  Also we have some programs open to guests so that they can participate in and enjoy our meetings.

   Chikusa Club has only ten members, and the meetings are done in a very warm and friendly atmosphere.  But at the same time we do our utmost to train ourselves“ to improve our leadership skills” and “ to manage the meetings effectively,” which are other two purposes of ITC.

   The proverb says “Seeing is believing,”  so please visit and join us.


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 September  21

Members’ Mailbox

October 19 Biblio Battle : Books   

Issue of the Day

 November 16 

How to Make Good G.E.

Issue of the Day

 December 21

 Enjoy December

January 18 

Role Play

Issue of the Day

February  15   Speech Demonstration  Comment by Members
March  15   Research  Issue of the Day  
April  19   Presentation by a Foreigner  
May  17  Life Style  Issue of the Day
June  21  Installation  
July  19   Business Meeting  


2014年6月21日   Installation
2014年5月17日     Life Style
2014年4月19日   Presentation by a Foreigner


2013年6月20日   HP公開


Council No.1 Chikusa Club